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Errand Service

Just like it says in our company tagline, T2 Logistics is indeed a full-service delivery company. As such, we are excited to now offer errand service in addition to our "traditional" delivery options!

Are you a busy professional with limited time to complete the day-to-day errands necessary to each of us? Are you a senior citizen in need of assistance with errands that may be difficult to perform regularly? Are you a single parent with limited time available to get a to-do list done in a timely manner? The list goes on and on...and at times it can seem like everything never truly gets checked off!

Let T2 help you! For a competitive hourly rate, let us relieve some of the burden and stress that comes with having to complete that endless list of errands that never seems to get caught up. Here are a just sample of some of the services T2 can provide:

- Car Errands

- Dry Cleaning Pick-Up/Drop Off

- Grocery Shopping

- Personal Shopping

- Prescription Pick-Up

- Shuttle Service

- Banking Errands

- Home Checks

Again, there are many more errand options available (that list is seemingly endless as well!). If you don't see a specific errand service listed, please contact us and we'll tailor a service specifically to meet your needs!

Ask us about our special discounts and package pricing options!

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